A brilliant window covering idea for a Chicago condo!

An installation was successfully preformed for a Chicago Condo. My client needed draperies for the children bedrooms and the master bed room. Since the windows are ceiling to floor, as wide as the wall and the cost to cover them is enormous. One idea we came up with, since the style is very modern, that is to use black out lining only, that will insulate, cut the light, lower the cost, and the ripple fold style will give minimum stack back for maximum exposure of the view, how brilliant is that!

RM COCO black out lining did the job! Client is as happy as can be, simple and elegant draperies that met the needs, and stayed within budget! www.rmcoco.com



2 thoughts on “A brilliant window covering idea for a Chicago condo!

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  2. I totally agree that colors, patterns, and textures can have an effect on your mood as well as how the room feels. In my case( the Chicago condo) the Ivory black-out lining was the perfect choice. The contemporary style of the condo, the client’s taste, and the limited budget, all made our choice the perfect choice!

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