Cordless shades for children rooms

As you know that October is child safety month. I would like to share with you a design for shades and a cornice board that we provided for a child room in Burr Ridge Illinois.

The client asked for shades and top treatment with a nautical  theme.

Take a look at the pictures below, the shades has a cottony feel to simulate the sails on ships,and they are cordless for safety, the cornice board for top treatment is constructed with  semi three dimensional  design, and diffidently gives the feeling of sailing over waves and soothing breeze!

Burr Ridge.

Cordless shades for safety, child room, Burr Ridge, IL

Burr Ridge.

Cornice with 3 dimensional sails. Nautical theme for a child room, Burr ridge IL.

For more information, call (630)420-0800 or (630)854-9082.

We provide free consultation and estimate.

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