Draperies can add romantic touches to any room!

What comes to mind when the word romantic is mentioned? Personally I would think of Diamond, sparkle, shimmer, flowers, sheers, vibrant or soft shades of red, orange, pink or purple or any thing that might suggest romance!

As far as draperies, the design as well as the materials used can add a romantic feel to any space whether it is a bed room or not.

The type of fabric and the combination of textures, trims, and finishes, what will set the mood of a room.

Look at the pictures below:

photo-24 Full room good for publish Full room good for publish2If You like to create romantic draperies call use, we will provide free estimates (630)420-0800.

Burr Ridge dining room with unique draperies!

This Unique drapery design gets the attention of so many designer at the 9th annual conference for the Exciting Windows members!

For more ideas call 630 420-0800.

Take a look below:

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