Draperies for a little girl’s Bedroom in Chicago!

Draperies for a little girl’s Bedroom in Chicago!

Soft Sheer draperies were selected as the window treatment for this sweet little girl’s bedroom in Chicago Illinois.

The goal was to use colors that worked well with her bedding. Three colors of sheers were selected, the white, then the yellow green and the pink at the bottom. The three sections of sheers were separated by a trim braid  in matching colors. White pole and rings worked well with the white wood blinds.

The walls were stenciled with flowers motif found in the bed cover, the stencils have added that one of a kind custom look. The stencil work was done by Jo Ann Ketcik of Decorative Effects, Minooka, Illinois.

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Sheer draperies for a girl's bedroom in Chicago Illinois

Sheer draperies for a girl’s bedroom in Chicago Illinois

Mahn Truc woven wood shades!

Woven wood shades has been a very popular product. We carry several brands of woven wood shades including Manh Truc by Lafayette. Please call us for more information (630)420-0800. We provide free estimate and consultation.

Enjoy the video below:

Draperies for you home!

There are so many drapery styles you can select from for your home! There are many things you need to consider while planning your drapery design:

  • Your personal style, whether it is Traditional,Contemporary, Modern,Mediterranean or any other style. Also whether you like full length panels,valances, shades, or blinds.
  • Light control, and if you like to allow more or less light in! Generally people are concerned about their furniture and flooring from the damaging UV rays.
  • Privacy such as in the bedrooms, or perhaps less of it when your window opens to a beautiful view and you do not want to block it.
  • Your window limitation, for example, do we have enough room to have blinds to mount inside the window, do we have room to install a valance or a rod above the window?
  • The architecture of the room, and the shape of the window it self, is the window arched? What type of trim does it have? Is it tall or does it have a transom?

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Below are few designs of drapery treatments we have designed:


Entery In Westmont Illinois

Entery In Westmont Illinois

Silhouette with top treatment in a bathroom.

Silhouette with top treatment in a bathroom.

hall bath fullclose up 3Valancephoto-7detailIMG_0517R

Burr Ridge home gets majestic drapery treatment

Our client from Burr Ridge Illinois, has invited us to her home for an estimate and some ideas for her piano room.

Here are her ideas:

  • Adding Majestic feeling to the room.
  • Enhance the arched windows.
  • Keep as much light coming in as possible.
  • The colors has to flow with the rest of the house.

Take a look at the photos below:

IMG_0576RIMG_0588RIMG_0599RWe have achieved the client desire by the following:

  • Taking the treatment from above, it gave it a grand, majestic look.
  • The treatment enhanced the window and by keeping it partially covered it will allow ample light in. The room is facing north therefore there will be no direct sun light on the piano that can be damaging.
  • The colors are a continuation of the color scheme exists in the home.

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