Woven Woods window treatment!

Woven woods are a great way to dress a window, the texture of the material, the variety of colors, and the different ways it is woven, it gives the clients many options to select from. Woven woods are made from grasses, reeds and bamboo, therefore they are considered a green approach to dress a window.

Woven wood window covering they look wonderful in a casual setting as well as in a formal room. To combine them with silk draperies for example, they can look fabulous and provide the element of surprise or the unexpected!

The treatment can be lined for privacy, also they can be lined with room darkening lining for bed rooms or media rooms.

A boarder at the bottom of the shade or on all three sides, the bottom, as well as the right and left sides, can be added in a coordinating fabric or trim. This features gives more design options to select from.

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Gailani Designs Inc, carries many brands of woven wood shades,including Horizons that will be displayed in the video below:

The video below gives you some ideas of the use of Woven wood shades, enjoy!

Go Green with your window treatments

Have you considered the use of recycled hardware for your window treatment and draperies?

All the pictures below show recycled hardware from RMCOCO!

Here are some advantages to using the hardware mentioned above:

  • They look great.
  • They come in beautiful finishes.
  • They come in many styles to select from.
  • They are well priced.
  • They are recycles and by using them you are contributing your support to the green movement.

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