Sheer Draperies!

Sheers Only?

Sheer draperies (“sheers” is the shortened version) could be the most dynamic, impact creating, and statement-making window treatment!

Sometimes when I suggest sheers only, I get this look from the client (REALLY?). Many clients think that having only sheer treatments for their windows will not be enough to finish the room or to create an impact on the room.

Well, it all depends on what type of sheers! Sometimes the uniqueness of the sheer and the beauty of the fabric is enough to make a statement in a room. I have even seen sheers that have an unexpected “WOW factor.”

In selecting the type of sheer, one must consider the opacity needed, the color, the pattern, and the texture – all of which are factors that can affect how the room will feel and what the sheers say about the room. (For example, do the sheers convey a light and airy feeling? Do they suggest whimsical fun? Do they complement the artwork? Or do they set a tone of elegant simplicity?)

There are so many amazing sheer fabrics on the market and so many ways they can be used. Sometimes combining sheers with other fabrics can produce a unique look that creates depth and visual interest in the room.

Take a look at the cut-out sheers we have used in the room below. The reason we used this particular fabric is because the room has a curved wall and the home has a unique floor plan. The breakfast area is a perfect circle, and it is adjacent to the kitchen and the formal dining room. The curved wall in the dining room is part of the circle that is shared in the breakfast area. The idea was to base our selections on the circular theme when it came to furnishings and window coverings.

The fabric is made of cut-out circles; the fabric is called “Cufflinks” and the color is “Copper” (Larry Laslo collection from Robert Allen Textiles). The sheers were lined in black plain sheer voile. Have you noticed how the circle theme has been repeated? Check out the wall sculpture of hand blown glass trees, the sheer fabric, and the chandelier crystals. Notice another interesting feature that connects the sheer to the chandelier and the circle theme: see how the shadows of the sphere-shaped crystals that appear on the inside of the drum shade of the chandelier form circles that are the same size of the circle in the sheer?

The client and I wanted the sheers to make an impact on the room by supporting the overall theme of the space. I think it worked … happy client, happy designer!

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Draperies for a little girl’s Bedroom in Chicago!

Draperies for a little girl’s Bedroom in Chicago!

Soft Sheer draperies were selected as the window treatment for this sweet little girl’s bedroom in Chicago Illinois.

The goal was to use colors that worked well with her bedding. Three colors of sheers were selected, the white, then the yellow green and the pink at the bottom. The three sections of sheers were separated by a trim braid  in matching colors. White pole and rings worked well with the white wood blinds.

The walls were stenciled with flowers motif found in the bed cover, the stencils have added that one of a kind custom look. The stencil work was done by Jo Ann Ketcik of Decorative Effects, Minooka, Illinois.

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Sheer draperies for a girl's bedroom in Chicago Illinois

Sheer draperies for a girl’s bedroom in Chicago Illinois

Sheer draperies and design trends!

Have you noticed what is out there as far as sheer draperies? Now more than ever you will find the most amazing sheer fabrics that make a dynamic statement in any space.

Sheers with cut outs, sheers with burned velvets, embroidered sheers, and so many stunning fabrics that will let your jaw drops!

Here are some examples:

2012-06-13 19.35.11Sheers with cutouts


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Draperies for a client in Oak Brook Illinois

Custom Draperies for Oak Brook Illinois!

I got this request from a client in Oak Brook Illinois to create the same style draperies as what you find in hotels. He wanted room darkening draperies to reduce heat and coolness loss at night and enjoy the view during daytime by using sheers that will cut the glare, gives semi privacy and keeps the view!

Here are the pictures of the room:

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