A child bed room gets a new window treatment, Burr Ridge IL

Take a look at the window treatment below, it is a kids bedroom at a Burr Ridge resident.

The window had an old wood blinds with unsafe cords. It was very out dated and did not add any esthetic value to the room.

My client wanted a nautical theme for the room. A cornice board was designed to bring the sea spirit in the room. the shades were carefully selected to support the theme as well as being cordless for child safety.

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Out dated wood blinds treatment. ( Before)

Out dated wood blinds treatment. ( Before)

Nautical theme for the boys room. ( After)

Nautical theme for the boys room. ( After)

Layering your window treatment!

Layering is Not Just for Clothes!

Winter is around the corner! For Chicagoan layering clothes is the way to dress for warmth during winter. Sometimes layering clothes gives the overall look personality, uniqueness and style!

Your windows will need layering as well! Your blinds in most situations will provide insulation, light control, and protection from sun damage. Adding an extra layer of draperies will give you additional protection as well as providing an opportunity to include patterns, colors and style. More over adding drapes will be your way to revamp your existing treatment without starting from scratch.

Adding that extra layer require skill, knowledge, and resources. Call us for assistance (630) 420-0800. And remember our first hour is always free!

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