Three Things you should know about woven wood blinds.

Woven wood blinds are gaining popularity in the Chicago land area! Here are three things you should know about woven wood blinds:

  • They are woven from natural grasses, bamboo, and various reeds. That is why they are considered “green” window coverings because they are sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly window treatments.
  • They can be used in a casual setting, such as sunrooms, boat houses, and marina homes. Or if a more sophisticated setting is what the client is after, then they can be combined with other materials like silks, brushed cotton, and wool to achieve elegance and beauty.
  • They are now available in various colors and textures to give the consumer vast assortments to choose from.







Mahn Truc woven wood shades!

Woven wood shades has been a very popular product. We carry several brands of woven wood shades including Manh Truc by Lafayette. Please call us for more information (630)420-0800. We provide free estimate and consultation.

Enjoy the video below:

Woven woods, beautiful shades for your home!

Have you considered using woven woods shades for your window covering?

Here are my thoughts about woven wood shades:

  • They can look casual or they can be dressed up with silk panels for more formal look.
  • They can be banded or trimmed. Adding banding to the leading edges with a coordinating fabric to tie up the room, that can look amazingly good.
  • The can be lined to provide more privacy, insulation, room darkening as well as having a neutral color to the out side of the home.
  • They are made from natural materials such as bamboo, reeds and other renewable material to take care of our environment and be GREEN.
  • There are so many options and many companies that supply those shades with various colors, textures, and qualities. To name few are Hunter Douglas, Graber, Horizons shades, and many more. Call us a free estimate (630)420-0800.