Need to update your paint colors? Now is the best time to do so!

Fall is a beautiful season and we are lucky to live in the Midwest, where we get to experience the transformation of colors. Follow these simple tips to incorporate some of those dynamic colors in your home without breaking the bank:

  • Ask yourself some questions to come up with a personal color guide. What are the colors that appeal to you from the fall palate? What comes to my mind from the red family are deep clay, spice, burnt orange, or habanera chili! How about the green family? Perhaps the color of herbs, sage, olives, or moss. Yellow has extended shades that go well with the fall palate, such as mustard, tea stain, honey, and white raisins. When it comes to the blue family, think more blues with lighter shades and yellow undertones. Please do not forget that purples can make dynamic accents, are wonderful compliments to yellows, and work beautifully well with greens. Perhaps using purples with red undertones will be your excellent choice for the fall. Whatever you decide, make sure you are thinking subdued and grayed to really get that season’s feeling in your home.
  • Once you pick the colors you want to work with, make sure they work well with your current décor! Use them as accents to your already present design and furniture: bring in new pillows, lamp shades, tassels, accessories, and so on. You aren’t redecorating the room, just dressing it appropriately for the new season!
  • Getting yourself a new rug that matches your newly accessorized room can complete your fall look and tie the room together.
  • How about playing around with your windows’ side panels or adding some sheers to keep out those dreary fall days?

I hope these tips help you welcome the new season by giving your home a face lift without overspending. Remember making a few changes will lift up your spirits, take away the boredom and drab, and add new energy to your space. And finally, make sure that your windows are well insulated with proper shades and draperies to keep the cold away and help you save more on your heating bills. Maybe you can pocket that money for your next interior design project!

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Color Matters…Preview for 2013

Color trends in our area are actually a reflection of what is happening on a global scale. Trends are moving towards toned and rich colors, pastels, and jewel tones. Also, the way designers are combining colors is also changing. Some palettes are subtle but add excitement and interest by adding a brilliant green, aqua, salmon or orchid color. Other color schemes are dramatic and contrasting but are unified with copper, silver or jewel tones.

Pantone Inc., a leading authority on color, has named EMERALD GREEN as their Color of the Year for 2013.

Benjamin Moore Paint offers new insight into the 2013 color trends by their suggested color palettes. Bold colors are featured but are more neutralized than previous years.  Think of bright blues or corals toned down with shades of grey. Crisp contrasting navy blues and yellows are paired with icy whites and steel greys.

LEMON SORBET is deemed as Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2013. It is an ideal color that perfectly transitions the mid-tones and saturated colors seen in today’s home furnishings with the softer, pastels which are emerging for 2013.

This lovely, unifying color harmonizes with pastels in the mint, coral, pink, blue, and vanilla families. It is also neutral enough to compliment the up and coming jewel and earthy tones.   


I believe that each space is unique and should tell a story. Personalities and desired mood settings should be incorporated into a room. As a Certified Color Specialist, I can assist you in combining colors and furnishings to make an impressive statement in your interiors! 

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The fifth wall!

The fifth wall!

Your ceiling is often the Forgotten Fifth Wall of a room. Too often, little thought is given to a ceiling’s contribution to the overall room. It is typically coated in some ubiquitous white paint, an afterthought to your design.

Look at your ceilings from a new perspective. Color, sheen, pattern, and texture of a ceiling can transform a room into a masterpiece. The next time you’re ready to refresh the look of a room and don’t know where to begin…

…look up!

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