A Burr Ridge Client asks about Odysee Shades by Comfortex!

My client from Burr Ridge Illinois wanted to know all about Odysee  shades by Comfortex before she would make a decision to make a purchase!

Here are some features that Odysee has:

  • Provides great insulation,the cellular structure helps trap air in the cells and keep rooms cool or warm.
  • Always white to the street.
  • It can function as a blind! The cells can be opened to allow light coming in and see out side, more over the cells will open even if the shade is half way drawn.
  • It has about 800 colors to choose from that can match and decor!

Watch the video:

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Window fashion trends!

What is Hot and What is Not, in the World of Window Fashions!

Often clients ask what the latest trends for window fashions are. I would like to share with you the latest in terms of style, colors, fabrics and embellishments.

Style:  Full drapery panels are in. The past few years we saw more use of drapery panels on windows, with most unusual pleats and headings.

Roman shades in all known styles (flat, folded, ballooned, and all other types) are very much in fashion. Roman shades are very popular because they are classic: when they are pulled up they create a valance to dress the window, they insulate when drawn down, especially when interlined, and provide privacy as well.


Colors:  With the down turn in the economy the past few years, we saw new trends for colors in general, and the window fashion industry is no exception. Bold, strong colors are back! They are used as a pop of color with a more neutral background. Bold Tangerines, Mangoes, Teals, Turquoise, and Reds with grayed browns are being used; these splashes of bold colors are a reminder to the world that there is hope and to look forward to a better future!

Fabrics:  Textural, embroidered and fabrics with natural fibers are in fashion.  Fabrics like linen, cotton, Chenille, printed silks as well as natural silks are preferred over polyester and man-made fibers. Although natural fabrics are in demand now a days, synthetic fabrics are still finding their use in the design world. Clients also are asking for natural fibers, recycled, and (Green) products.

Embellishments:  Embellishing with bold, unique trims is very much in fashion. Using fringes along the vertical edges of a panel or having a plain panel with a one-of-a-kind over sized tie back tassel have become very popular. Having a breaded trim with a striking color in the perfect spot will accentuate an architectural feature that needs to be the focal point of a room. We are seeing more trims with wooden beads, mirrors, metal chains, feathers, and materials that are not usually used as a decorative trim. Pleating, buttons, grommets, and contrast cording is another way to embellish, and now more than ever, designers are using their creative juices to come up with ways to give their clientele head turning, knockout draperies that are totally their style.

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