Unique draperies for your home or office!

Our goal is to provide unique draperies for our clients that will fit their life style and stay within their budget.

We work with our clients to explore all different possibilities for designs, we listen to their needs, desires, dreams, and expectations. We work together to transform their dreams into reality, and help them achieve their decorating goals at their own pace and within a set budget that we discuss at an early stage of the design process.

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Here are some of ideas:

Family room draperies

Family room draperies

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Shutters for a girl's bed room in Hinsdale Illinois.

Shutters for a girl’s bed room in Hinsdale Illinois.

Westmont residence gets this beautiful cornice with draperies.

Westmont residence gets this beautiful cornice with draperies.

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Commercial Draperies!

Creativity is not only for residential projects!

Being creative while respecting budgets, public safety rules, and practicality are traits every interior designer must have. When designing for a commercial project, interior designers are faced with many challenges. We need to be creative and unique, remain sensible, and make sure the products we provide are safe and stay within ourclients’ price range.

Recently, we installed some window treatments in the lobby of an apartment complex located in Naperville, Illinois. The client’s requirements were to provide draperies that would define the doors and bay window, have a unique design, provide a sculptural effect, and work well with the already existent design of the reception area.

The draperies we provided were very distinct; it consists of box-like cornices placed on each side of each door and the bay window. The doors are not there for use but rather only for show and to provide sunlight into the space. Each box has a drapery panel that comes down from the inside of the cornice box to the floor. This design gives a column effect that defines the openings of the door and the bay window. It also provides a graceful feel to the space, further enhancing the height of the room.

The Robert Allen fabric selected was a flame retardant; textural to add interest, white-colored that match the trim. It worked marvelously with the deep taupe paint of the walls. The installation was challenging but the results were successful. The room now looks fabulous and the manager and sales crew were both grateful and mesmerized!

Please enjoy the photos below:

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Creativity is not only for residential projects!

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