Draperies with that special touch!

We have all experienced it… An outfit that makes you feel terrific! Just wearing it makes you feel like you’re walking on air. You’re energized, confident and joyous!!!

Sometimes an ordinary outfit becomes extraordinary just by throwing on a unique piece of jewelry, wearing silky scarves, or having one-of-a-kind purses or shoes! You create your own fashions that are totally unique!

That is what I do with draperies. An unusual combination of colors, textures, fabrics, unique hardware and voila….. a WOW window treatment that is exclusively you!  
Take a look at the video below, you will agree that the use of drapery tapes and trims can add an amazing touch!

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Drapery trims and embellishments!

Dress up your draperies with unique trims and embellishments!



Choosing accent fabrics for draperies

Last month I used the same fabric for draperies, except each drapery design had a different accent color.

Take a look below, and notice the piping in the cornices, in one we have used a teal silk and the second one we used red cotton. Each room had a totally different feel, just by changing the accent fabric in the drapery!

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Do you like swags and cascade treatments? Hinsdale Illinois

Do you like swags and cascade window treatments, Hinsdale?

If you do, let me share some tips with you:

  • The swags got to be deep (as a rule, I like to be able to insert my fingers in the folds and have it totally in) that is why more fabric is needed to give a richer look.
  • Have at least 5 folds, we prefer 7 or even sometimes 9 folds per swag to give an opulent feel.
  • There are many different looks for swags, they can cross each other, open swags on poles, pointed bottoms, multiple sizes in one treatment and so on, you need to share your thoughts with your designer or he or she will discuss the look you are after to help you pic the right style for you.

Take a look below:

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Custom valance for Hinsdale home!

We installed this simple, yet very elegant valance in a powder room at a Hinsdale home.

The style was Paris look, black and white.

Take a look:

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Draperies, Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Motorization

A variety of fabrics, trims and sheers can be combined to create a full range of unique, one-of-a-kind looks for your windows. You may be looking for something functional, like something that will help you with light control, privacy or energy savings. Or you might be looking  for the possibility to add that warm touch to your rooms, we are the place to shop for your window fashion needs.

Gailani Designs, have trained and certified staff, to help you with all your window covering needs. We will come out, measure, design, and provide you with an estimate, all in the first visit!

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Trims for your draperies!

Adding trims to your draperies is to add that unique touch,luxury, opulence, fun, and more. The video below will show you a new collection from Brimar!



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Drapery tie back can make a huge statement!

Every element in the drapery’s design is important and it can make a definite contribution to the over all look of the draperies.

Take for example the tie back: a simple drapery panel can be turned into a magnificent one by adding a special tassel tie back or a decorative embellished one.

Tie backs could be made from natural materials, such as raffia, dried flowers, tree barks, ceramic beads, and materials of similar nature for that special look that one might desire.

Pleated fabrics, ruffled fabrics, trims, fringes, pleats, buttons, grommets, bows, and ribbons, to name a few ideas can be added to the tie back to make them unique!

Let’s look at the slide show below from my portfolio to get a few ideas!

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Custom draperies for tall windows!

To dress a tall window is an art! Take a look below, and if you have a tall window or a window that is challenging to dress call (630)420-0800, we offer free estimate!

Drapery details

What make your custom draperies stand out is the details! That is so true, take an ordinary pleated panels and add a button on each pleat in the same fabric or a contrast color, wouldn’t that make a statement? See below

Close up heading of a panel with buttons Close up buttonOr adding a banding in stripes or checks and cut your banding on the bias! take a look below

IMGP1561GE DIGITAL CAMERANow take a look at the treatment below, we have used a linen fabric with linen sheers! Now tell me what do you think?

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What ever you decide on your window treatment, be creative, communicate with your drapery designer ask for different ideas, you will be amazed at what is available out in the market to help create the most stunning window treatment.

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