Drapery trims and embellishments!

Dress up your draperies with unique trims and embellishments!



Drapery Valances is a great way to finish your windows!

Have you considered finishing your windows with drapery valances?

Valance treatments can be very attractive, affordable, and will expose more of the view if they are used alone with out the side panels.

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Take a look below:

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Custom sheer draperies for a client in Oak Brook Illinois!

Just wanted to share with you this great solution for windows facing the west side of the house, this house is located in Oak Brook Illinois. The client complaint was the excessive heat coming through the windows causing the air condition to go on non stop resulting in high electric bills!

The client also loves the look of  custom sheer draperies, although sheers alone will not provide the solution for the heat coming from the western exposure.

Here is what we proposed:

  • The first layer we are using cellular shades for privacy, light control, and energy efficiency.
  • second layer is black out lining, for energy saving and cutting the heat when needed.
  • The third layer is sheer draperies for the look the client is after, the sheers can be pulled together in the morning or in the evening while entertaining to give that elegant romantic look while the black out lining can be used when the sun is at  it’s strongest in the afternoon.

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Below are pictures of sheers lined up with room darkening lining. This was done for a model home in Naperville, Illinois

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Custom cornices as window treatments!

Here are some benefits to using custom cornices as window treatment:

  • Custom cornices are considered an economical treatment, it uses less fabrics, and not too expensive to fabricate if it is  kept  simple.
  • Easy to install.
  • It helps seal the gaps around the top of the window, and that will minimize air leakage and reduces energy loss.
  • It is beautiful and very classical treatment that will not go out of style if it was designed well.
  • There are so many ways to make an ordinary cornice board extra ordinary, see the slide show below.

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Create Luxury within your home with custom draperies!

Custom draperies draperies will add beauty, luxurious feel, and style to your home!

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Draperies, Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Motorization

A variety of fabrics, trims and sheers can be combined to create a full range of unique, one-of-a-kind looks for your windows. You may be looking for something functional, like something that will help you with light control, privacy or energy savings. Or you might be looking  for the possibility to add that warm touch to your rooms, we are the place to shop for your window fashion needs.

Gailani Designs, have trained and certified staff, to help you with all your window covering needs. We will come out, measure, design, and provide you with an estimate, all in the first visit!

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Sheers could be the only window treatment your room needs!/ Oak brook Illinois

Have you seen what is available in the market as far as drapery sheers?

The variety you will find in design show rooms are amazing and unique!

Take a look below:

living close upIn this room the colors were dark and the room is somewhat small, therefore the treatment selected was stationary sheers to let as much light in as possible.

ns_66930_41In this room a very unique sheers were selected, and that was just enough to create that rich opulence feel, the client was after.

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The video below is the fabrics by Larry Laslo, for Robert Allen fabrics. Please notice the use of sheers in this home. The sheer called Cufflinks is used in the bedroom, I have used the same sheer in the dining room above.


Trims for your draperies!

Adding trims to your draperies is to add that unique touch,luxury, opulence, fun, and more. The video below will show you a new collection from Brimar!



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Custom Draperies with a romantic touch!

What comes to mind when the word romantic is mentioned? Personally I would think of Diamond, sparkle, shimmer, flowers, sheers, vibrant or soft shades of red, orange, pink or purple or any thing that might suggest romance!

As far as draperies, the design as well as the materials used can add a romantic feel to any space whether it is a bed room or not.

The type of fabric and the combination of textures, trims, and finishes, what will set the mood of a room.

Look at the pictures below:

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Our custom draperies receive extra care during installation, and our customer service WOW’s our clients!

Three factors contribute to the success of your custom draperies or window treatments!

  • The design, from selecting the perfect treatment for the window, the fabric and hardware, and fitting the clients life style and budget.
  • The fabrication, paying attention to the details of how the draperies are constructed.
  • Finally the installation!

Below the pictures shows our installer steaming and dressing a window treatment for a client, to insure the perfect look.

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