Draperies for a Piano Room Plainfield IL

“Piano Room” was the project we created for our client in Plainfield. The teenage daughter plays the piano, and the room needed to be serene and comfortable so the entire family could fully enjoy her performances. The room had walls with a faux finish that was a mix between suede and a pearl texture! Just lovely! It was in a gorgeous neutral color of off white and had a beautiful shimmer to it. The baby grand piano had a glossy black finish. Those were the design elements that I had to work with.

The window in the room had a shade with a shimmery fabric, which we had installed two years ago. Now it was time to finish the window with draperies. Three fabrics were selected: At the top, a ten-inch-long section of embroidered cotton in a design of black, grey, off white, and taupe circles. Then we added a three-inch black border. The rest of the panel was striped fabric. Again, we used black, grey, off white, and taupe.

When it came to drapery hardware, we selected glossy black to complement the piano. We selected rings and finials that have white diamond-like stones. The wall facing the entry had three framed black-and-white Parisian images, in taupe/silver frames. Two black chairs with white, black and gray printed upholstery were placed on each side of the window. WOW! Even I am impressed that the room turned out as beautiful as it did – and I was there every step of the way. Imagine the client’s delight when people see the room for the first time!

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Traditional, yet modern!

Traditional, yet modern!

I get a call from a young lady who wants to have new window covering for her dining room window. When we met we were discussing different possibilities, and she expressed her desire for swag treatment. Her furniture style is quit contemporary, yet the swag treatment is traditional.

Here is what we did,

I found this awesome fabric that is a perfect match to her wall color, also found this terrific sheers that not only works well with her drapery color but it gives semi privacy as well.

The fabric has a modern brocade design that will give the draperies an overall modern feel. Also instead of having the traditional swag and jabot treatment, we eliminated the jabot part and had the panels mounted on top of the swag creating a beautiful, modern treatment!