Drapery details!

Drapery details, what make custom draperies unique!

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Draperies with that special touch!

We have all experienced it… An outfit that makes you feel terrific! Just wearing it makes you feel like you’re walking on air. You’re energized, confident and joyous!!!

Sometimes an ordinary outfit becomes extraordinary just by throwing on a unique piece of jewelry, wearing silky scarves, or having one-of-a-kind purses or shoes! You create your own fashions that are totally unique!

That is what I do with draperies. An unusual combination of colors, textures, fabrics, unique hardware and voila….. a WOW window treatment that is exclusively you!  
Take a look at the video below, you will agree that the use of drapery tapes and trims can add an amazing touch!

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Drapery trims and embellishments!

Dress up your draperies with unique trims and embellishments!



Draperies, Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Motorization

A variety of fabrics, trims and sheers can be combined to create a full range of unique, one-of-a-kind looks for your windows. You may be looking for something functional, like something that will help you with light control, privacy or energy savings. Or you might be looking  for the possibility to add that warm touch to your rooms, we are the place to shop for your window fashion needs.

Gailani Designs, have trained and certified staff, to help you with all your window covering needs. We will come out, measure, design, and provide you with an estimate, all in the first visit!

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Custom Draperies for a Willowbrook client!

The illustration below is for draperies ordered for a client in Willowbrook Illinois!

Client’s requirement was:

  • Keep the window open and not obstruct the view.
  • Have swags to compliment the traditional style of the room.
  • Keep it simple and not too ornate.
  • Enhance the window, and the graceful arches.
  • Keep the cost under $4500.00

How did we meet her requirements:

  • Designed the treatment to go around the window and kept the view unobstructed.
  • The swags cross one another to create opulence, luxury, and richness without adding extras.
  • The swag’s style is simple and works perfect with her existing furnishings as far as style and colors.
  • The treatment work well with the window it self and it does not fight it.
  • The arches can still be seen, and has kept their grace and beauty.
  • The client is thrilled because the price was well under $4500.00!

I love it when the client get a lot more than what they expect! And we are here to exceed their expectation! call us for free estimate(630)420-0800.

Proposed treatment