The power of pillows!

During the course of an interior design project, when it is time to consider pillows, there is often no money left in the budget and the pillow project is canceled.

This is an unfortunate occurrence.

Pillows are important elements in establishing the “feel” and “comfort” of a home. Personally, when I enter a room and the sofa has a bunch of pillows, I feel welcomed. Sometimes, I am amused or impressed with the creativity expressed by the homeowner. Other times, I see pillows playing a special role from a design and esthetics standpoint. Pillows can also be primarily functional, providing support or making a sofa more comfortable.

Adding a pillow or two to a chair can help the room achieve balance. Pillows can also add the element of rhythm. Having a row of pillows, in the same size and color, will draw the eye to the display and create a sense of order, allowing the eye to feel comfortable looking at the larger space. By creating a focal point or by adding an accent color, pillows can effectively complete a room.

As far as function, pillows are helpful on a chair or sofa with a deep seat. A bunch of pillows in various colors and patterns will add not only a splash of color or textural depth, but will also provide the comfort one needs to sit for extended periods.

And consider this: large pillows with dense stuffing can provide extra seating, when, for example, there is not enough furniture for the number of guests at a party or family gathering. (The Ottomans Turks used pillows for this function – and so do many of my clients. When not in use, they can be artfully stacked in a corner.)

Pillows can dress any bed and can complement other fabrics in the bedroom with a variety of awesome colors and textures. How about outdoor living furniture? Or dining room chairs? Be creative about using pillows to add depth and texture to a room, especially when they work with the color scheme of the table during a special holiday, birthday or anniversary celebrations.

Pillows can be so fabulous that they should be considered works of art! Create your own special piece of art by designing an unusually shaped pillow or by using special textiles, opulent trims, and unique bells and whistles. A whole wide world of wonderful pillow options awaits you!


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Custom Pillows! they can set the mood in your living space!

colorful-living-rooms-main[1]Please observe the picture above, do you like what you see? what is it that you like most about it?

I see a color scheme that has been created from the colors of the rug. The soft teal/ blue, the mango/ pink and the buttery yellow.

What I like most is the simplicity and clean lines, that has created a serene ambiance and the pillows has added a soft elegance.

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Are you having the winter blues?

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We’ve had a pretty mild winter up until recently, but that doesn’t mean the limited daylight hours haven’t already had an effect on us! And because of the cold and wet weather, people have the tendency to spend most of their time at home. Cabin fever leaves many desperate for some way to lift their mood.

Here are some tips to overcome the winter blues:

  1. Try colorful pillows, throws, and decorative items. This is one of the simplest, most inexpensive ways to change the look of your room.
  2. Give one or two pieces of furniture a facelift with a slipcover! Depending on your style and decorating preference, you can have some vibrant colors of floral, stripes, plaids, or a combination of them with solids to be used for a tailored or a more relaxed look. Slip covers are costly, but if you think about it in the long run you will be using them every winter to bring life to your rooms and will extend the life of your furniture.
  3. Fresh paint for the entire room or an accent wall with lively, fresh colors will definitely do the job.
  4. How about personal photos? Have you been to a tropical island, a nice sunny vacation spot, or been on a trip that puts a smile on your face every time you think of it? Let’s be creative here! Take those photos, enlarge them, add color-coordinated matting, and voila! You have new pieces of art.

Just like the winter decorations that only come out for the Holidays, we can keep another arsenal of winter decor to defeat the winter blues.

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