Sheer draperies and design trends!

Have you noticed what is out there as far as sheer draperies? Now more than ever you will find the most amazing sheer fabrics that make a dynamic statement in any space.

Sheers with cut outs, sheers with burned velvets, embroidered sheers, and so many stunning fabrics that will let your jaw drops!

Here are some examples:

2012-06-13 19.35.11Sheers with cutouts


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New custom drapery sheers for the up coming season for Clarendon Hills clients!

Another season is waiting to be let in, right outside your windows. That new light out there can not only brighten your rooms literally, but can also chase away any leftover drabs of the seasons passed. What better way to brighten your views than with new light filtering window treatments that let as much or as little of the outdoors come inside your home as you choose! I have so many great ways we can bring the new season into your home today, and I’d love to bring them to you just as soon as you’d like to see them! Call me today! ( 630)420-0800

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