Do you like swags and cascade treatments? Hinsdale Illinois

Do you like swags and cascade window treatments, Hinsdale?

If you do, let me share some tips with you:

  • The swags got to be deep (as a rule, I like to be able to insert my fingers in the folds and have it totally in) that is why more fabric is needed to give a richer look.
  • Have at least 5 folds, we prefer 7 or even sometimes 9 folds per swag to give an opulent feel.
  • There are many different looks for swags, they can cross each other, open swags on poles, pointed bottoms, multiple sizes in one treatment and so on, you need to share your thoughts with your designer or he or she will discuss the look you are after to help you pic the right style for you.

Take a look below:

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Custom valance for Hinsdale home!

We installed this simple, yet very elegant valance in a powder room at a Hinsdale home.

The style was Paris look, black and white.

Take a look:

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Fall colors! How about bringing them in your home?

Fall is a beautiful season and we are lucky to live in the Midwest, where we get to experience the transformation of colors. Follow these simple tips to incorporate some of those dynamic colors in your home without breaking the bank:

  • Ask yourself some questions to come up with a personal color guide. What are the colors that appeal to you from the fall palate? What comes to my mind from the red family are deep clay, spice, burnt orange, or habanero Chili!  How about the green family? Perhaps the color of herbs, sage, olives, or moss. Yellow has extended shades that go well with the fall palate, such as mustard, tea stain, honey, and white raisins. When it comes to the blue family, think more blues with lighter shades and yellow undertones. Please do not forget that purples can make dynamic accents, are wonderful compliments to yellows, and work beautifully well with greens. Perhaps using purples with red undertones will be your excellent choice for the fall. Whatever you decide, make sure you are thinking subdued and grayed to really get that season’s feeling in your home.
  • Once you pick the colors you want to work with, make sure they work well with your current decor! Use them as accents to your already present design and furniture: bring in new pillows, lamp shades, tassels, accessories, and so on. You aren’t redecorating the room, just dressing it appropriately for the new season!
  • Getting yourself a new rug that matches your newly accessorized room can complete your fall look and tie the room together.
  • How about playing around with your windows’ side panels or adding some sheers to keep out those dreary fall days?

I hope these tips help you welcome the new season by giving your home a face lift without overspending. Remember making a few changes will lift up your spirits, take away the boredom and drab, and add new energy to your space. And finally, make sure that your windows are well insulated with proper shades and draperies to keep the cold away and help you save more on your heating bills. Maybe you can pocket that money for your next interior design project!

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