Custom Draperies for a Willowbrook client!

The illustration below is for draperies ordered for a client in Willowbrook Illinois!

Client’s requirement was:

  • Keep the window open and not obstruct the view.
  • Have swags to compliment the traditional style of the room.
  • Keep it simple and not too ornate.
  • Enhance the window, and the graceful arches.
  • Keep the cost under $4500.00

How did we meet her requirements:

  • Designed the treatment to go around the window and kept the view unobstructed.
  • The swags cross one another to create opulence, luxury, and richness without adding extras.
  • The swag’s style is simple and works perfect with her existing furnishings as far as style and colors.
  • The treatment work well with the window it self and it does not fight it.
  • The arches can still be seen, and has kept their grace and beauty.
  • The client is thrilled because the price was well under $4500.00!

I love it when the client get a lot more than what they expect! And we are here to exceed their expectation! call us for free estimate(630)420-0800.

Proposed treatment