Drapery panels.

Here are few styles of drapery panels. They will frame the window, add warmth to the room and they can be very affordable!

Take a look:


Combine silk with textures for elegant draperies!

Silky and textured!

This is a great example of mixing textures with smooth and silky. Note the picture below:

photo-1 photo 5 photo-3

The sheers has a soft texture to it, the side panels are out of silk! The combination is dynamic, what do you think? Let me know whether you agree or Not!

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Drapery rods and hardware are the jewelry for your window treatment/ Burr Ridge Illinois

Drapery hardware can turn the ordinary into extraordinary when it comes to your draperies or window treatment.

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Custom draperies and window fashions will energize your windows and save you energy too!/ Burr Ridge Illinois

Springtime is here, and we´re starting to feel the positive effects of longer days and more direct sunlight. Just looking outside can make you feel good. And when your window treatments help you save on energy dollars, you can feel even better! There are many great (and beautiful!) window fashions products and styles that can preserve your views of the outdoors, allowing varying degrees of sunlight in, while keeping harmful direct sunlight´s UV rays from damaging your interiors. Some even have the additional quality of reflecting much of what overheats your rooms in full summer sunshine, saving you valuable heating and cooling dollars. Amazing shades and blinds engineered to keep winter temps warm inside (as well as summer temps cooler) can also bring custom tailored beauty into your home. I´d love to show you these fabulous concepts and designs, so you can save money now and upgrade your home at the same time!

Finish up your Hunter Douglas Shades with valances or Draperies!

Finish up your Hunter Douglas Shades with valances or Draperies!

You got your Hunter Douglas shades for privacy and light control, but the room still feels not very homey and lacks warmth and comfort!

What adds warmth, comfort and the feel of down- home, are the textures, patterns and colors. By adding valances or draperies your room becomes more cozy and provide that extra comfort!

Take a look and enjoy the videos below and get some ideas:-

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Great drapery design for a Burr Ridge Client

This window treatment is stunning! It is a drapery treatment for this family room window  that needs enhancement. My clients are a young couple who love an eclectic style. They love shine and shimmer, mix old and new, modern style in furnishing and that’s why they built the this home just to what they always wanted.

Now it is my job to create unique window treatments to fit their style. We are starting with the family room because this window is what the visitors will see as they enter the home! It is the window that will set the tone for the entire home!

The fabric is from the RMCOCO fabrics, it is a modern brocade in onyx and chocolate colors, very bold and powerful, the hard ware will be created by using two trims selected from the Kravet trim collection. The first trim is a beaded trim of black beads, the second crystal beads, it will be laid on top of the first one. A cornice will be constructed and covered with the trims.

Take a look!

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Drapery tie back can make a huge statement!

Every element in the drapery’s design is important and it can make a definite contribution to the over all look of the draperies.

Take for example the tie back: a simple drapery panel can be turned into a magnificent one by adding a special tassel tie back or a decorative embellished one.

Tie backs could be made from natural materials, such as raffia, dried flowers, tree barks, ceramic beads, and materials of similar nature for that special look that one might desire.

Pleated fabrics, ruffled fabrics, trims, fringes, pleats, buttons, grommets, bows, and ribbons, to name a few ideas can be added to the tie back to make them unique!

Let’s look at the slide show below from my portfolio to get a few ideas!

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Draperies with embellishments!

Embellished draperies add beauty and style to any room. Now a days you can find so many varieties that can fit any style, whether it is traditional, contemporary, eastern, or eclectic.

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Gailani Designs Inc,

Take a look below:

Draperies ideas for your home

Gailani Design Inc, is a design firm specializing in custom draperies, shades, blinds, shutters and motorized window treatments. We have serviced clients in all the Chicago land, such as, Burr Ridge, Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Willow brook, Clarendon Hills, Lemont, Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn, La Grange and more..

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Burr Ridge dining room with unique draperies!

This Unique drapery design gets the attention of so many designer at the 9th annual conference for the Exciting Windows members!

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Take a look below:

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