Drapery Designs!

  • Your personal style, whether it is Traditional,Contemporary, Modern,Mediterranean or any other style. Also, whether you like full-length panels,valances, shades, or blinds.
  • Light control, and if you like to allow more or less light in! Generally, people are concerned about their furniture and flooring from the damaging UV rays.
  • Privacy such as in the bedrooms, or perhaps less of it when your window opens to a beautiful view and you do not want to block it.
  • Your window limitation, for example, do we have enough room to have blinds to mount inside the window, do we have room to install a valance or a rod above the window?
  • The architecture of the room, and the shape of the window itself, is the window arched? What type of trim does it have? Is it tall or does it have a transom?

For your convenience we offer free estimate and consultation, call (630)420-0800

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Woven Woods window treatment!

Woven woods are a great way to dress a window, the texture of the material, the variety of colors, and the different ways it is woven, it gives the clients many options to select from. Woven woods are made from grasses, reeds and bamboo, therefore they are considered a green approach to dress a window.

Woven wood window covering they look wonderful in a casual setting as well as in a formal room. To combine them with silk draperies for example, they can look fabulous and provide the element of surprise or the unexpected!

The treatment can be lined for privacy, also they can be lined with room darkening lining for bed rooms or media rooms.

A boarder at the bottom of the shade or on all three sides, the bottom, as well as the right and left sides, can be added in a coordinating fabric or trim. This features gives more design options to select from.

For more ideas and free estimate call (630) 420-0800 or send us an email: susan@gailanidesigns.com

Gailani Designs Inc, carries many brands of woven wood shades,including Horizons that will be displayed in the video below:

The video below gives you some ideas of the use of Woven wood shades, enjoy!

Drapery trimming will add the unique look to your rooms! Clarendon Hills

Here is what one of our clients in Clarendon Hills asked:

How can we create that custom, personal, and unique touch to our draperies?


Trimming and embellishment will add the personal and custom look to your draperies!

Take a look:

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For free estimate and free consultation call (630)420-0800

Drapery panels for Clarendon Hills Illinois!

What does our clients in Clarendon Hills prefer when it comes to there window treatments?

What we have found out that more of our clients in Clarendon Hills area are interested in drapery panels more than any other treatments for there windows.

Full length panels will dress up the window, add height, and elegance.

Take a look below:

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Call us for free estimates and free consultation (630)420-0800

New custom drapery sheers for the up coming season for Clarendon Hills clients!

Another season is waiting to be let in, right outside your windows. That new light out there can not only brighten your rooms literally, but can also chase away any leftover drabs of the seasons passed. What better way to brighten your views than with new light filtering window treatments that let as much or as little of the outdoors come inside your home as you choose! I have so many great ways we can bring the new season into your home today, and I’d love to bring them to you just as soon as you’d like to see them! Call me today! ( 630)420-0800

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Finish up your Hunter Douglas Shades with valances or Draperies!

Finish up your Hunter Douglas Shades with valances or Draperies!

You got your Hunter Douglas shades for privacy and light control, but the room still feels not very homey and lacks warmth and comfort!

What adds warmth, comfort and the feel of down- home, are the textures, patterns and colors. By adding valances or draperies your room becomes more cozy and provide that extra comfort!

Take a look and enjoy the videos below and get some ideas:-

For more ideas or for free consultation and an estimate please call (630)420-0800.

Drapery panels for our Clarendon Hills Clients

Clarendon Hills clients, are drapery panels for you?

Drapery panels are great for dressing your windows, you can choose from plain to very elaborate panels depending on your decorating style and budget. Take a look below at various styles of drapery panel ideas that you can use for your home:

Call for free estimate or free consultation; (630) 420-0800

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Draperies, blinds shades, shutters, motorized window treatments Clarendon Hills Illinois!

Good Morning Clarendon Hills!

Looking for custom draperies, blinds, shades, shutters, or motorized window treatments?

Do you want an wonderful experience purchasing new window treatment for your home or Office?

Our designers will bring amazing designs to our clients in Clarendon Hills.

Our promise to our Clarendon Hills clients, that we will:

  • We provide them with unique designs that reflect their style and personality.
  • We will discuss their budgets and stay within them.
  • Arrive on time
  • Provide the best quality products
  • Best price!
  • 10 years performance Guarantee.
  • The latest in the window fashion industry
  • Motorization.
  • Free in home consultation. Or free phone consultation (630)420-0800
  • Free Estimate.

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Trims for your draperies!

Adding trims to your draperies is to add that unique touch,luxury, opulence, fun, and more. The video below will show you a new collection from Brimar!



We carry all Brimar trims, call us for an estimate (630) 420-0800.

Your draperies, are they ordinary or extraordinary? That’s what I would like to ask residence of Clarendon Hills!

How would you describe your draperies: out of the bag and ordinary or one of a kind and extraordinary?

Ask yourself that question but please do not confuse simplicity with ordinary. Simplicity can be elegant and tasteful; ordinary is what you see everywhere:  overplayed, overdone, and just not exciting.

People are different. They have different needs, lifestyles, personalities, and tastes. Home décor should reflect this, as well as the house’s own appearance and character. Let’s take window treatments for example—your curtain work has to compliment the window itself, from its shape, and, of course, the room in general.

Often, I visit homes with store bought draperies that take away from the integrity of the room. To be quite honest, a room will look better with a naked window than a wrongly dressed one.

Custom window coverings can be simple, affordable, and expressive! Choosing the right combination of fabric and hardware really takes a room to the next level of sophistication. It can also bring comfort and satisfaction to the home owner. We want you to feel good about your personal space!

I cannot stress how important it is for you to be happy and joyful every time you come home. This is my goal as a designer: I strive to assist you in creating a uniquely beautiful home that is totally you!

Here at Gailani Designs, we pride our selves by providing our clients with unique designs, exceptional service, and stay within a budget that  we discuss early on in the design process!

Call for free consultation and an estimate (630)420-0800

Here are samples of our work!

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