Suzani fabrics, historic facts!

One trend that has become very popular the past few years is the use of Suzani motif in fabrics. The Suzani name came from central Asia, to be specific Uzbekistan.The history of the Suzani designs came from  a tradition in that region, when a girl is born, all females in her tribe gather to honer her arrival. Then a wide and long piece of cloth made from silk or cotton depending on the wealth status of the family is purchased. The female eldest member of the tribe will draw a design made of paisley, circles and floral. Then the cloth is cut length wise into many strips, and each strip is given to different female members of the tribe. Those pieces will be embroidered in silk threads. When the girl gets married,the pieces are sewn together to form a large piece to be used as a bed cover or an item of furnishing. This is considered as her wedding gift from her family! This style of fabric design has traveled to other parts of the world along the silk trade rout. Today the Suzani designs is used beautifully in draperies, upholstery and modern home decor!

Below are different Suzani Designs:

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