Do you like swags and cascade treatments? Hinsdale Illinois

Do you like swags and cascade window treatments, Hinsdale?

If you do, let me share some tips with you:

  • The swags got to be deep (as a rule, I like to be able to insert my fingers in the folds and have it totally in) that is why more fabric is needed to give a richer look.
  • Have at least 5 folds, we prefer 7 or even sometimes 9 folds per swag to give an opulent feel.
  • There are many different looks for swags, they can cross each other, open swags on poles, pointed bottoms, multiple sizes in one treatment and so on, you need to share your thoughts with your designer or he or she will discuss the look you are after to help you pic the right style for you.

Take a look below:

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