Top 3 tips for creating Window Treatments on a Budget!

Tips on how to create beautiful top treatments without breaking the bank!

What determines the cost of any window covering are the labor cost, materials used and the installation cost.

Here are some tips to consider when you are planning your next window covering project!

  • The design: the simpler the design, the less expensive the treatment will be. Flat valances, inverted pleat valances, shirred and pinch pleated on a board, or a cornice board is considered less costly to fabricate. You can add a little touch to a simple flat valance by adding a contrast trim, tassels on each end, or perhaps some buttons in a coordinating fabric.
  • The cost of the materials: The variety is endless when selecting fabrics. You can find gorgeous kinds of cotton, silks, and woven blends at an affordable price. Mixing textures, or adding coordinating inexpensive trims, will give you that designer quality look at an affordable price. Another tip is to perhaps splurge on the hardware, and choose a modestly priced fabric. The rich, opulent look of the hardware will make up for the simplicity of the style and your choice of the fabric.
  • The installation cost: One way to cut on the installation cost is by choosing economically installed treatments. Cornices and board mounted valances are less expensive to install than sheared or pleated on a rod.

Finally, the best way to save money is by work with a professional, who will help you avoid costly mistakes, direct you, share expertise and resources, and respect your budget and work within it.

Here are some pictures of low-cost valances

GE DIGITAL CAMERABox pleat valanceDetail with button2


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Cordless shades for children rooms

As you know that October is child safety month. I would like to share with you a design for shades and a cornice board that we provided for a child room in Burr Ridge Illinois.

The client asked for shades and top treatment with a nautical  theme.

Take a look at the pictures below, the shades has a cottony feel to simulate the sails on ships,and they are cordless for safety, the cornice board for top treatment is constructed with  semi three dimensional  design, and diffidently gives the feeling of sailing over waves and soothing breeze!

Burr Ridge.

Cordless shades for safety, child room, Burr Ridge, IL

Burr Ridge.

Cornice with 3 dimensional sails. Nautical theme for a child room, Burr ridge IL.

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