Draperies, last but not least!

Draperies might be the last thing that we think about, yet they are what finish the room, add warmth, and richness.

Whether it’s full drapery panels, valances or shades, we can create the look or mood we desire in any room by the type of fabrics or materials we use, the colors, the patterns of the textile and all the embellishments we add.

Full Draperies provide height and most of the time formality, valances are less formal, they are great in certain areas, like over the sink windows in kitchens, small window in a bathroom or in children’s rooms.

Here is a short video for you to see many styles of draperies and valances, Please let us know which one you like best.

Quality Draperies Designed by Susan Gailani

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Drapery details can transformes the usual into unique! Hinsdale Illinois Home

Drapery details can transforms the usual into an extra unique!

Our client from Hinsdale Illinois, hired Gailani Designs for draperies and valances. The client needed designs that are elegant, and within a set budget. The style of the home was traditional with an apparent french touch.

Below is a valance created on a budget, though the details provided a touch of simplicity paired with elegance!

Black and white Toile, used as the main or the body of the valance while a tiny black and white checks was used to cover a large button, and for the cord on the top to add a finished look. The insert in the pleat matched the sunny yellow paint of the wall!

pleated valance, Hinsdale Illinois

pleated valance, Hinsdale Illinois


Close up of pleated valance, Hinsdale

Close up of pleated valance, Hinsdale


Pleated Valance, Hinsdale IL

Pleated Valance, Hinsdale IL


Here is the definition of Toile from Google Dictionary:  (Toile is a fabric, from the French word meaning “linen cloth” or “canvas”, particularly cloth or canvas for painting on. The word “toile” can refer to the fabric itself, a test garment (generally) sewn from the same material, or a type of repeated surface decoration (traditionally) printed on the same fabric. The term entered the English language around the 12th century)


Cellular shades with a valance!

We have installed this treatment for our client in Naperville, Illinois.

This was for their daughter who is ten, she loves blue, loves casual and informal looks, she is very athletic, she needs privacy and on weekends and Holidays she loves to sleep in!

Take a look above, we met our client’s goal by:

  • Using a blue stripped cotton that has a canvas texture, that gives a casual feel.
  • The detail of crossed ribbon, at the center resembles athletic shoe lace, which fits perfect with her athletic spirit.
  • We provided cellular shades with room darkening features that will help her sleep in on weekends, and makes her dad happy when he finds out that he is saving money on his energy bills 🙂

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