Custom Pillows! they can set the mood in your living space!

colorful-living-rooms-main[1]Please observe the picture above, do you like what you see? what is it that you like most about it?

I see a color scheme that has been created from the colors of the rug. The soft teal/ blue, the mango/ pink and the buttery yellow.

What I like most is the simplicity and clean lines, that has created a serene ambiance and the pillows has added a soft elegance.

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Texture is an important element in your custom drapery design!

Texture is often secondary to color and pattern when it comes to the over all design of a space or the window treatment itself in any given room. Colors and patterns usually have and immediate impact, but textures add richness to the colors. For example, the richness of deep colored velvet is due to it’s pile, the shine and iridescent quality of silk reflects it’s smoothness, and the firm weave of cottons helps the printed patterns and colors to come out crisper and stronger.

Texture usually describes the way the light plays on the surface of the fabric. That gives a message of how the material feels: its softness, smoothness, warmth, coolness, etc.

Textures have their own feel and they evoke special associations. Like chenille might be associated with warmth, cotton with comfort, or silk with being exotic.

Varying textures is important and will add interest, sophistication, and style to any space. Imagine velvet pillows with satin trim, tweed drapery panels with a contrast in cotton, or an organdy table runner with lace.

Textures might not be the first thing to think about when planing a decorating project or a design for a window treatment, but indeed is a very important design element that need not be neglected!

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